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Rachel: Bored housewife, perpetual dreamer. English mother of two Welsh boys. South London and South Wales - my heart lies in both. I like films, books, good TV dramas, comedy, Manic Street Preachers, running, Sauvignon blanc, my family. And since January 2013 I have rediscovered what I had inexplicably forgotten - I like to write.
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Aw thank you! I’m just going to put this out there to you all because I won’t be around to read anybody’s response. I know my contribution to my blog is minimal - I blame a combination of time constraints and technical ineptitude - but I do log on most days and have a scroll through. But I’m off to France tomorrow for two weeks on our family holiday and access to the internet will be very limited. So I probably will stick to checking emails and not come on here, unless I’m alerted to an ask. Have a good couple of weeks y’all (ooh, I sound all American!). A bientot!


Sometimes I feel bad for quitting on a book, and then I remember: life is too damn short to waste time reading books you don’t like, and I don’t feel so bad.

It was after reading this a few days ago that I decided to abandon a book I wasn’t enjoying. I’m off on holiday on Monday and knew I did not want to be still avoiding it as I sat on the beach. There are too many good books out there to waste on those you don’t like.

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Spring 1924: Madeleine Allsopp visits Downton Abbey. A growing friendship with Tom and her instinctive affinity with his daughter give cause for optimism. Canon compliant.

Excerpt: By the time Tom took to the floor with Madeleine, he felt sufficiently relaxed through a combination of wine and good humour, that holding her no longer felt like the betrayal he had feared. They had got to know one another now and his earlier caution now felt superfluous. It wasn’t comparable to having Mary, Edith or Rose in his arms; there was a feeling of security in being physically close to a family member which was absent with anybody else. But he felt none of the awkwardness he habitually experienced when obliged to dance with other family guests, even after he accidently clipped her ankle with his heel. He apologised, she laughed, he jested and pretended to do it again. They were sufficiently relaxed with one another not to worry about formality. He was glad.

(PS It was only when I logged on tumblr to post this that I realised that it’s EAST Alliance Day. But I have already posted on ff.net so will simply apologise - with hindsight I probably should have posted tomorrow instead)

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James Dean Bradfield demonstrating how to hold a guitar if you have no desire whatsoever to get any sound out of it.

Pictures from Acoustic Magazine.

My twenty year long crush

My new favourite programme!

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Just sharing that I hope to have some butler!Tom posted today (Sunday) so hopefully you will see it before you go to bed! :o)
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Great, it’s just come through. We’ve got visitors so I might have to wait until mid week before I can read it, but I shall look forward to it!


Bradfield, Wire and Moore looking magnificent in the NME.

I’ll second that. They look better than they did when they were 25.
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Right back at ya! Thank you x




I’m not sure what to think of him these last days. He’s behaving OOC. First PDA in front of the press then drunk in front of the Paps. Strange…

I think he might be suffering from ‘post breakup syndrome’! I’ve had it myself in the past with similar consequences, but thankfully less publicly!

I’ve taken the plunge and joined a writer’s group. Is anybody else in one and prepared to share their experience? I’m pretty nervous - partly at the idea of sharing my writing so publicly (and face to face!) and partly because there will be “gentle and constructive criticism” (the group leader’s words). I know I need to toughen up in that area, but I’ll definitely be out of my comfort zone.

I’ve seen it advertised for a while but it takes place every other Thursday morning and until now the timings haven’t fitted in with picking L up from nursery. But he starts full time school in September so I decided that there should be no more excuses. I contacted the leader yesterday and we exchanged a few emails back and forth and she seems very open minded and enthusiastic (I told her about writing fan fiction, which she said was “really interesting - look forward to you telling us more” - Yikes!).

So she said to bring “a pen, some paper and an open mind” and then my next worry was that I have barely written more than two scribbled sentences at a time in recent years; my writing is always done on the PC or laptop. How much is my arm going to ache and my handwriting have deteriorated?!

I start on 11th September - apparently I’m spared having to read anything out on the first session, but after that I will be encouraged to take the plunge!